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Last updated 08/08/2022

Everyday, DataBillity is trusted by more and more brands to handle their data, thanks to our strong commitment to data privacy and security. As a company that is fully compliant with GDPR, we place data security at the core of both our technology and our culture. We build top-notch security features into our platform and conduct regular in-depth audits to ensure that our customers' data and interactions are fully secure. We see data security as a continuous process that underpins the foundation of our development processes and the outstanding performance of our industry-leading technologies.

Our authentication security measures are robust and include password management, two-factor authentication (2FA), and secure credential storage. We enforce a set of password requirements, including a minimum of eight characters in length and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Multiple incorrect logins will result in a security notification, and a temporary password reset link will be sent to the user's pre-registered email address if the user clicks on the forgot password link. All end-user account passwords stored on Insider servers are hashed with a random salt. Customers can activate 2FA for their accounts to enhance security further, with options including SMS, Google Authenticator, or the Authy app.In addition to authentication security, we also provide access privileges and roles, as well as IP restrictions for enterprise support accounts. Insider utilizes industry-standard communication encryption technologies such as SSL/TLS for regular updates and configurations. Our network and transmission controls include protection against DDoS attacks through our partnerships with DDoS scrubbing providers and the use of Cloudflare.

To ensure data confidentiality, we have strict job controls and policies in place, and internal access to data is restricted. All employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements, complete annual security awareness training, and participate in secure coding training. We also perform background checks on all employees and contractors.

Finally, security is an integral part of our engineering process, with regular in-depth audits conducted by third-party security consultancies and our own engineers. Our team is trained to detect potential security vulnerabilities and fix them quickly.