Data Powered Experiences
Our platform will provide an end-to-end view tracking the digital behavior of the customer to the purchase of a product or service informing your business what marketing efforts are actually driving sales.
Data Driven Transformation
Leverage AI and machine learning features that analyzes your business data and auto-generates KPIs mapped to your business goals
Monetizing Your Data
Databillity’s modern APIs and algorithms enable businesses to configure hyper-personalized, targeted offers.
Easily connect a variety of data sources to the Databillity platform, including in-store and online payment systems converting businesses to intelligent enterprises!
Databillity’s AI powered algorithms will organize and sanitize your data and will create datasets that will enable new business and marketing insights.
Access custom, data-rich dashboards that will provide your enterprise with the ability to quickly and easily drill down into customer and operational data that matters!
Use Databillity and its recommendation engine to identify customer segments and to create dynamic, hyper-personalized targeted offers.
Databillity will be a key part of your monetization playbook, including plays to enhance your marketing campaigns and to make efficient use of marketing spend.
80% of customers are more likely to do business with a company that delivers personalized messaging.
Source: Epsilon
70% of brands fall short of delivering real-time personalized messaging at scale.
Source: Forrester
About Us
DataBillity is a fast-growing startup from Seattle founded by a talented team of former product and marketing leaders from Starbucks, T-Mobile, CDK, Microsoft, Wells Fargo and First Data Corporation.

The DataBillity platform leverages next generation API that connect to numerous data sources, including payment data APIs with select payment providers to capture customer purchasing history and preferences. In turn, the platform creates opportunities for enhanced payment experiences as well as improved business and marketing intelligence for you and your clients.

Our goal is to help you grow your business and provide the best customer service to your customers. Our platform can help you reduce costs while better understanding your audience so you can serve highly personalized messages in real-time. Being a data-driven company allows you to run as efficient as you possibly can and we’re here to help you with that.
Bryan Guy
Co-founder & CEO
Mike Roelfs
Co-founder & CMO
Jonathan Regalado
VP, Technology
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