How It Works
Data Acquisition
The first step in our process is acquiring and onboarding your data from all necessary sources.

Easily connect a variety of data sources to the DataBillity platform, including in-store and online payment systems converting business to intelligent enterprises.

DataBillity combines offline and online data to identify each customer and provide a personalized experience people want versus serving irrelevant ads that people won’t engage with. Skipping this step and only focusing on the online data is a mistake most businesses make and don’t see the engagement rate they want.
80% of customers are more likely to do business with a company that delivers personalized messaging.
Source: Epsilon
Data Normalization
DataBillity’s infrastructure will organize, secure and sanitize your data and create datasets that will enhance all your business efforts.

In other words, we’re going to scrub the data for better quality and organize it so we can segment more effectively. Some of the clean up involves removing duplicates and fixing or removing pieces of data that are incorrect.
Data Visualization
Access custom, data-rich dashboards that will provide your enterprise with the ability to quickly and easily drill down into customer and operational data that matters.

We’ll help you turn your data into actionable insights and help you reach your top business objectives.
70% of brands fall short of delivering real-time personalized messaging at scale.
Source: Forrester
Data Personalization
Use DataBillity and its recommendation engine to identify customer segments and to create dynamic, hyper-personalized targeted offers.

Customer segmentation is the key to presenting the most personalized offers. Our algorithms allow you to find the most valued customers and build out the proper segments based on behavior data. This data will analyze how your customers have behaved in the past and build predictive models to learn how they will likely behave in the future. We will automate these efforts and target your audience with relevant, personalized messages in a timely fashion.
Data Monetization
Finally, our platform will allow you to become much more data-driven and improve the efficiency and effectiveness across your marketing and operational activities.

This efficiency will help reduce marketing costs as your efforts will be hyper-targeted and personalized leading to higher conversion and an increase in revenue.

Our goal is to help you reach your top objectives and grow your business.