Delivering Billing and Payment Data Powered Experiences

Unify data to personalize customer experiences with Ease

Access a suite of powerful billing, payment and accounting APIs that unifies customer data into a single view to power personalized selling and marketing opportunities.
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The Next Generation Commerce Data Platform

Subscribe to the DataBillity Commerce Data Platform (CDP) and say goodbye to data silos and hello to a 360° view of your customers! With our CDP, your business has the ability to transform, analyze and convert data into personalized customer experiences.
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Data-Driven Personalization for Every Business

Using the CDP unified APIs and AI-powered product recommendations, take full advantage of commerce-related (ex billing, payments and accounting) datasets to build customer profiles that create the ability to identify and profit from each customer’s preferences and behaviors.
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Features That Drive Growth

Quickly and seamlessly integrate your back-office systems with minimal technology knowledge required.
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  • Little to no technical expertise needed
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Apply our unified APIs to popular CRM, ERP and other back office platforms to simplify operations.


Eliminate data silos and form a single, 360 degree view of your customers.


Leverage AI and machine learning that run powerful analytics to support customer insights and experiences.


Unlock new selling and marketing opportunities based on each customer’s individual preferences and buying habits.

How It Works

Get your data monetization and personalize selling and marketing journey started with DataBillity in 4 easy steps.


Complete our short online application to kick off your data monetization and personalization journey.
Additional third party applications and underwriting may be required.
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Easily connect your ERP, CRM and payment services to DataBillity to unify your data and the view of your customers.
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Let customer’s purchase from your E-Commerce store(s), or create invoices and take payments from customers in-store or on-site and we’ll take it from there.


DataBillity will automatically transform data into personalized selling and marketing opportunities for future customer engagements.
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From data silos to data unification in minutes!

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